Salt Earth is a Halomed® salt room that combines salt therapy with other wellness practices to improve the state of your mind and body.

We provide salt therapy, massage therapy and reflexology services, plus offer Himalayan salt-related products so you can take your experience home with you.


Salt therapy originated in the salt caves and mines of Eastern Europe in the 1800s. As workers were mining salt, the mining process produced micro-sized salt particles that filled the air. Breathing in these particles resulted in the miners having better respiratory function and healthier looking skin despite the dangerous and unhealthy conditions normally associated with mining.

After studying the effects of these phenomena, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski opened the first health facility at Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1839. He believed that spending time in a salt cave was more effective for treating asthma than traditional treatments.

Throughout the years, other physicians established respiratory-focused practices in the Wieliczka Salt Mine and eventually in the Solotvyno Salt Mine in the Ukraine.

In 1985, the Institute of Balneology in Odessa, Russia, in collaboration with the salt cavers in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, developed the first halotherapy device that that replicated the grinding and dispersing of salt into air. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Halo technology became available to the rest of the world.


Salt Earth’s founder, Melissa Vanderipe, has more than 20 years of experience in the spa industry.

Salt Earth is an expression of Melissa’s passion to provide healing and wellness for the Tulsa community. Melissa first experienced salt therapy nearly 10 years ago and understood how this holistic, drug-free alternative therapy would improve her client’s wellbeing. By incorporating salt therapy into a spa setting, clients now will be able to experience a wide range of health benefits to improve the state of both the mind and body.

An experienced massage therapist, Melissa uses her talents to help clients disconnect from the outside world and experience a sense of peace while being pampered. She is trained in hot stone massage, cupping and the Graston technique, and studied cranial sacral therapy through the Upledger Institute.

Melissa has extensive experience releasing tension in the neck and shoulder area, plus helping to relieve lower back pain. Her goal with every service is to make clients feel renewed so that they can re-enter reality with a calmer disposition and a peaceful energy.

A native of Tulsa, Melissa is a wife, mother and proud grandmother of two precious boys. She is also a dog mom to Cooper and Yeager.


Carla Odom is an experienced Reflexologist, artist and mother of two amazing women. Driven from an early age to help people, she began her career in the field of makeup artistry and cosmetology. After many health issues and a battle with cancer, she sought personal wellness and discovered the healing benefits of reflexology.

Carla’s wellness journey redirected her professional focus and she became trained in the Ingham Method of Reflexology. Still driven to help others, Carla now focuses on providing wellness through reflexology and salt therapy. Her goal is to help people feel better so they can focus on what is most important to them and live the life God intended for them.